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Two New Poetry Books

Road Songs book cover

Travel poems and roadside images.
A new collection of poems for adults.

Rainy Mornings

Critters and mud and rivers and mountains!
A new collection of poems for kids.

Memories from the Book Tour

The Pennsylvania OneBook Award (every young child) included an extensive book tour throughout the state of Pennsylvania.  Here are some of my favorite photographs and memories from the tour.

Some of my friends drew their own gardens

Photo of kid drawings of gardens

Some dressed as farmers


And painted the walls like a garden

Painted Walls

We voted for our favorite veggies


And cried for those mean old onions


Some crowds were big

Big Crowd

Some were small

single child listening to book reading
But everybody had a good time!

Good Time had by all

And everywhere I traveled, I made new friends and received a very warm welcome! 

Thank you Pennsylvania!



For two Septembers, Up, Down, and Around has been featured in a special event at Frick Park in Pittsburgh—Storywalk—a giant celebration of picture books and literacy—sponsored by Beginning With Books (www.beginningwithbooks.org). 

Books come alive at Storywalk—pages grow tall and readers share stories and crafts with thousands of children.

Giant Praying Mantis at Storywalk

For Up, Down, and Around my friends at Beginning With Books built an entire garden. With huge, enormous bugs!

Giant Ants from StorywalkKids in the Garden at Storywalk

Blog Beginnings

Wonder what it’s like to be a writer?  Check out my new blog and see what’s happening right now! 

Tribune Review  personality featureI was featured in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review. You can read the online version of the Personality Test here. And I've written about it on my blog. Check out what I have to say about the experience.



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